Stalked By The Billionaire

Stalked By The Billionaire

Elaine Jamore

105.8k Words / Completed


I move closer to him, my heart pounding in my chest as I run my finger along the hard ridges of his abs.
"Would you like a drink?" he asks, his voice low and seductive. A womanizer, but I cannot resist his charm.
I wave my finger in a teasing no sign. "No thank you," I say, my voice husky with desire. "I just want you."
I know I sound like a total slut, but I can't help it. There's something about this man that makes my body ache with longing. I can feel his intense gaze on me, and I know that he wants me too.
Emerson Triumph is a man to die for, the perfect adonis as the newspapers say. From his dark brown hair his oh-so-brown eyes, his lips, and his perfect and strong body to his intelligence, money, and power. But he doesn't date, he's not the typical playboy you usually know about on the billionaires.
But when Emerson landed his eyes in one of the corners of the coffee shop, he was suddenly mesmerized by the beauty he's seeing. But after a few seconds, he frowns. "why she's crying?"
That's the time when he came up and told Jason ''Jason, I want you to background check her, every single detail.''
Love found out that her cousin had an affair with her boyfriend. She was very upset. At this time she met a man who appreciated and loved her very much... How will she get her revenge? Will there be new developments in her romantic relationship?

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  • Leigha Funchion

    x1c5 seems good. I wish the writer would just write the word out instead of using ** to bleep it out.

    04/10/2023 18:22
  • Reader-072710

    x1c5 well written

    04/10/2023 18:21
  • LunaDev 64

    x1c5 I really like the beginning of the book, hope it stays good 😊

    04/10/2023 14:19
  • Irma Beck

    x1c5 its always the best friend or a family relative that cause the heart break. love the story line. definitely adding to my library

    04/10/2023 12:21
  • Bianca Bratu

    x1c5 this has a really enjoyable storyline, easy to read and makes you not want to put the story down

    04/10/2023 09:58
  • Reader-731248

    x1c5 the introduction is interesting, it’s been added to my library

    04/10/2023 08:52
  • Joele G

    x1c5 an easy read great storyline; a little difference story for me; a change of temple in my reading genre

    04/10/2023 08:36
  • Merle Langevoord

    x1c5 enjoyed reading the first few chapters. really looking forward to how the story will continue

    04/10/2023 07:15
  • John Robinson

    x1c5 I've just started this book and really like the authors writing style it really easy to read, looking forward to reading more.

    04/10/2023 07:12
  • Reader-350476

    x1c5 I love this book ,I just finish this one and it’s so amazing and funny love story,I’ll recommend this lovely book.

    04/10/2023 05:18