Take me Alpha

Take me Alpha

Holly Dominic

109.0k Words / Completed


“But just the moment I saw you, I could not stop picturing your naked body against the wall while I pounded that sweet cunt of yours till it was dripping with juice.”
His words painted the erotic picture in my head, my body flashing with heat at the vividness. What would it actually feel like to have him all over me?
Wait, what was I doing? I was fucking engaged.
But when his lips-sweet lips to be precisely moving against mine; torturing and mind-numbing sensations rushing through so fast that I could not breathe. I had never tasted lips that deliciously…sinful before.
****After being betrayed by his damn mate, Alpha Collin can't stop himself from falling into the pain. He needed relaxation, alcohol, and a new woman - and after walking into the club at the outskirts of Las Vegas, someone’s head ram into his side, and his gaze landed on the sexiest woman he had ever seen. Fuck! He wanted her under him. And he did it.

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  • Tammay H

    I hope they end up together!!

    07/12/2023 01:55
  • Tammay H

    I am so interested to see what happen to her. Oh just wait till she sees Collin!!

    07/12/2023 00:43
  • Tammay H

    Very interesting!! I wonder what is going on? I have been to involved in the story to comment. I am loving it!! And glad he felt bad about the cheater part!!

    07/11/2023 20:31
  • Jamie Pieszala

    I want my money back. This is a repeat chapter!

    05/13/2023 13:24
  • Camillia Castillo

    9z0x Omg yes this is definitely getting better by the moment but she Mmmm why did she have to lie they are supposed to be her best friends surly she could have shared that with them.

    04/10/2023 12:46
  • Camillia Castillo

    It seems to be a good book so far and it keeps you wanting more.

    04/07/2023 15:19
  • Jules Marie

    9z0x the introduction looks interesting. I'll put it on my to-read list. Although I agree about wanting to know with books that should have sequels. I've been left hanging before. It's annoying.

    03/31/2023 16:10
  • Julie Schmitt

    9z0x Take Me Alph The first couple chapters are good but I read many comments and there seems to be a sequel that no one can find. I will wait till the sequel is available, I know I will want to keep reading and not want to wait.

    03/31/2023 16:01
  • nakisha adams

    9z0x I’m hooked I must get to the bottom of this intriguing event great writing author I mean u are that brave to get it on in an alpha house geez

    03/31/2023 15:40
  • Christin Louth

    #9z0x# I’m a few chapters in and already I’m hooked into the story. it’s interesting to have the infidelity caused by the woman. Mate bonds must work differently in this book if he couldn’t tell she was cheating. I feel bad he had to shut out his parents for her for nothing.

    03/31/2023 15:14