The Princess And The Demon

The Princess And The Demon

Chiaro De Luna

331.2k Words / Completed


"What you loved, my fair lady. wasn't me, but an illusion, a lie you were so eager to believe". his smile didn't reach his ears as he looked at her, noticing the amount of pain and betrayal her face carried.
"Can you say that you still love me? The real me, with all my ugliness? can you still look over everything I've done to you and say that you love me?". He searched her eyes, hoping to find even a shred of love left in them. But just as he expected, there was none for he had destroyed it all with his own hands.
"And now what?"
"Now, It is Goodbye...", He said as he placed her on the ground, "Go back to your life, the one you had before me. Forget the the beautiful lies, forget the monstrous truths, forget me and live."
Taking few steps away, she watched him carefully, afraid it might be but another trap, seeing he didn't make any moves towards her, she turned around, ready to leave but she felt his iron grip back on her arm before she was pulled into a desperate, bittersweet kiss.
Born as an illegitimate daughter of the King, sent away to live among the priests, Sara had a dull and meaningless life, believing she was a hidden disgrace, a black page in her father's honorable history, but her life was turned upside down when she decides to look for some answers about her true identity, and she finds herself in a journey of love, survival, secrets and heartbreaks, especially when she falls into the clutches of a demon lord who tells her she is the quill that would write the rest of their world's history...
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Warning: This book contains mature content

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  • Tiffany Miller

    s2d5 You have done well so far. Now I'm interested and will be adding this one to my library.

    04/18/2023 22:13
  • Emily

    s2d5 completely forgot I added this book a while ago! happy to be reminded and rediscover it now.

    04/18/2023 22:00
  • KayCee Kai Malanos

    s2d5 i loved this book. looking forward to the next book.. it was very well written

    04/18/2023 19:30
  • Maria Cecilia Reyes-Meliton

    s2d5 This story seems to be quite promising. I wish it moved at a faster pace though.

    04/18/2023 17:12
  • Jan T

    s2d5 #s2d5 the introduction is quite interesting. very sad. I'm intrigued on how the story will develop. I'm curious about the secrets that the story will unfold.

    04/18/2023 15:35
  • John Robinson

    s2d5 Oh what a sad start to this story! Written well and definitely interesting, wanting to read more of this book to found out what happens next.

    04/18/2023 08:35
  • aly

    s2d5 i like to read the second book. i cant get over it knowing i was hanging on the end

    04/18/2023 06:59
  • Malwina Ogrodowska

    When is the next book going to be released?

    06/14/2022 11:52
  • Lidiane Barros

    oh no I needed then to have a happy ending having etc after so much suffering 🥺🥺

    09/17/2021 10:11
  • Zoe Dart

    😭😭😭😭😭that was so sad and beautiful all at the same time

    09/13/2021 11:41