Urban Vampire

Urban Vampire

EGlobal Publishing

372.5k Words / Completed


Kim woke up one morning to find that she was dead ... well UNDEAD. Unfortunately her Vampire after-life is a big mystery. The ones that know are out to kill her for being turned by a rogue and her allies happen to be her food. In order to survive the Vampire Nation, Kim will have to outsmart and out think her enemies. Their big mistake is underestimating a black woman with the will to survive. The last thing Kim wants or needs are the three gorgeous men vying for her atten-tion, one chocolate, one vanilla and the last caramel. How do you choose between the gorgeous protector, the charming and tasty food, and the scary dangerous elder? Warning; adult situations, graphic sex and language.
Urban Vampire is created by Pepper Pace, an EGlobal Creative Publishing signed author.

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  • TinyReader

    Has chapters 171-175 been fixed/replaced yet? Still no response from Facebook admin from months ago about having the author/editors fix this.

    03/24/2023 11:57
  • Dee Kay

    I just got to Chapter 171 what kinda foolishness is going on here? Who the? What the? Why the? Is going on here?... I'm in the office Alexis is body hopping, Ran is now human... then BAM...

    07/23/2022 12:48
  • Sherah Greer

    Thank you

    04/02/2022 22:55
  • Sherah Greer

    When is she going to find out how to stay up long enough to day walk? This book is sick, I love it!

    03/29/2022 05:50
  • Amanda

    Awesome book!

    01/04/2022 09:34
  • Tonia Strachan


    12/28/2021 23:33
  • Tonia Strachan


    12/28/2021 23:18
  • Tonia Strachan


    12/28/2021 21:40
  • Tonia Strachan

    I don't want her with Paul

    12/28/2021 21:37
  • Tonia Strachan

    she did try eating a hotdog and drinking a soda already.

    12/28/2021 21:04