The Professor

The Professor

Mary Olajire

97.7k Words / Completed


“On your hands and knees,” he commanded.
His voice was filled with weight and urgency
and I immediately complied before he steered my hips.
Our bodies slapped together with a punishing, angry rhythm.
I grew wetter and hotter as I listened to the sound of us fucking.
“Fuck, your pussy is insane.”
After a hot, one-night stand with a stranger she meets at a club, Dalia Campbell doesn't expect to see Noah Anderson again. Then Monday morning comes around, and the person that walks into the lecture hall as a professor is the same stranger from the club. Tensions run high and Dalia tries her best to stay away from him because she doesn't want to get distracted by anyone or anything - there's also the fact that he's strictly off-limits - but when she becomes his TA, the lines of their professor/student relationship get blurred.

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  • Kim Coffey

    Noah is so PWed by 20 yr old it's really hard to read. Not very realistic for a CEO but I guess some would think it's romantic

    09/23/2023 20:50
  • Reader-998117

    Wow! Sounds hot! I can't wait to read this story!

    08/09/2023 00:22
  • Arla Kroft

    My new book titled 'Mated To The Alpha' is up. You can find it on my profile.

    08/01/2023 16:52
  • Reader-744249

    love the story! I’m binge reading the chapters like crazy .

    07/29/2023 23:56
  • Kash Kash

    Wow very hot and spicy chapters. Definitely, Dahlia and Noah has the chemistry regardless of age gap. They whipped each others presence. I'm excited for the day that Noah will reveal his BDSM to her. 1e2r

    05/24/2023 11:20
  • Karooke

    Oh wow, da geht es ja ab... 🤭 Das Intro hört sich spannend an und ich werde mal rein lesen 1e2r

    05/24/2023 09:08
  • Tricia Freligh

    The intro sounds good. I usually don’t add ongoing books but I will add this one and hopefully it’s finished soon so I can read it. 1e2r

    05/24/2023 06:54
  • icuovrthere

    1e2r the summary is intriguing, but I'm not sure I'm into this kind of book. it'll also depend on grammar and language. I don't need to read curse words every other word

    05/24/2023 05:35
  • Debra Sykes

    1e2r I am not sure I will be saving this book as I'm not interested in this type of book but intro was good

    05/24/2023 05:17
  • Lori Holden

    1e2r sounds like a very good book of forbidden live. It also sounds like another book I am reading.

    05/24/2023 04:43