I'll Be Seeing You

I'll Be Seeing You

Zayda Watts

102.7k Words / Completed


17 year old Ellie is used to being invisible, she's used to being friendless and on her own. Then one day her brother's best friend comes to live with her. Aiden is older, he's dangerous and he is sexy as hell.
Ellie can't help but fall for him but someone else wants Ellie all to themselves and they aren't going to let her go so easily; Noah Winters. The high school bully and determined to take everything from Ellie including her life.
"You belong to me, Ellie."
WARNING: abuse, torture, kidnap, mature scenes and themes of self harm will appear in this book. Reader's discretion is advised.

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  • Kmama

    love it so far

    07/26/2023 14:58
  • Kimi Barnhart

    such a good book.

    07/19/2023 06:22
  • patricia de rooster

    As far as I've read, this girl Ellie is a nightmare of insecurity... Guurl get some back bone, I hope she does in the future chapters, bc now ain't it🙄

    06/27/2023 16:13
  • Yessenia Narvaez

    this story is getting good!

    06/06/2023 16:36
  • Sun Kissed

    Noah reminds me so much of Ramsey Bolton. Crazed with hurting people.

    04/23/2023 18:24
  • kkraziebru0788

    I loved this book! you did a great job!

    04/08/2023 05:21
  • Jules Marie

    w6a2 I agree about the challenge making me add books ... I added this one because of the challenge regarding another book by this author. I'm going to read that one first, but I added this one too. It looks interesting

    04/02/2023 02:32
  • nasnas

    w6a2 This whole challenge makes me add more books to my reading list, look forward to reading it. Does anybody know it it's finished? And if it has a happy ending? I'm a sucker for happy endings.

    04/01/2023 23:36
  • Terrin Garis

    #w6a2# Great storyline filled with chemistry, tension, insecurities, doubts, and a kind of enemies to lovers angst

    04/01/2023 22:27
  • Stacey Stratton

    w6a2 I’m looking forward to reading about what pushed Ellie to the point of breaking at the beginning of the book. hopefully she overcomes her self doubt.

    04/01/2023 22:21