Alpha's Black Furred Slave Mate

Alpha's Black Furred Slave Mate

Caroline Above Story

175.0k Words / Completed


God forbid black and grey-furred werewolves walked amongst the others.
As royals, the King and Queen had fur white as snow.
The noblemen, their fur was either silver or gold. The commoner’s fur was red or brown.
Then there was me, Deonna, fur as black as coal.
Marlon Roessler was the most honored nobleman, master of the Roessler family, and the only one capable of competing with the King himself.
He spent his life thinking that dark-furred wolves were uncleansed, uneducated, bottomless creatures.
I was a dirtball wolf slave, and I was meant to be repulsed by him. Yet his wolf wouldn’t let him be disgusted; his wolf wanted me, as his MATE.
God must want to kill me faster to make me his mate, especially we have sex after a drug accident.
But after As the weeks went on, it seemed as though my relationship with Marlon has only grown more intense. He came into my room only to have sex again and agian.
A dirty black sex slave. That is what I am.
Until he said, he was mesmerized by me.

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  • Karooke

    x2c3 oh wow, die Geschichte hört sich ja spannend an.. Das Buch kommt zu meiner Liste dazu und wird auch gelesen

    04/27/2023 21:51
  • Marvin Vanderkust

    x2cr3 Wauw black furred wolf as a sex slave. unique in the werewolf story. A try to read.

    04/27/2023 15:38
  • Marcia Sheard Whittaker

    x2c3 I am loving this book! This author has a really good writing style and love her work. Can't wait to see how it ends.

    04/27/2023 14:11
  • Julie M-Schmitt

    x2c3 interesting read, love the first chapter. will consider reading once I get through some of my library.

    04/27/2023 13:02
  • Kash Kash

    x2c3 Oh very good written description for slaves.I wonder if the slave girl would be able to be free.It is hard having a novel mate and being biased to her fur color but mate bond might find they way thru.

    04/27/2023 11:41
  • Jade Freeman

    x2c3 starts well and am intrigued to continue reading when I have got through some of my library

    04/27/2023 09:27
  • Alice Pinto

    x2c3 i love a good werewolf story! I am intrigued by these casts since it is so different from what I read until now!

    04/27/2023 09:20
  • Janaki Kollepalli

    x2c3... I am interested specially after reading the comments and would love to read this book in future

    04/27/2023 07:29
  • blubelle Reads

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  • HollandDaze

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