Pregnant And Rejected By My Alpha Mate

Pregnant And Rejected By My Alpha Mate

Caroline Above Story

316.9k Words / Ongoing


I'm a Volana wolf, a target of Evil. My blood can grant eternal life.
My father locked me up since I was 10. He killed my wolf and tried to rape me.
No wolf. No mate. No hope.
Until Bastien offered me to be his contract mate.
When 3 years contract comes to the end, I am pregnant.
Yet, he's going to reject me.
"I'm going to be a mother!" I breathe in blissful disbelief.
I can't wait to tell Bastien.
I've been grinning like a fool ever since leaving the doctor's office and practiced sharing the news while I drove.
Butterflies flutter rapidly in my belly as I climb the stairs, my body thrumming with anticipation.
But the ecstatic smile slips from my face the moment I walk in.
Bastien is already there, waiting for me. He's sitting alone in the darkened living room, a tumbler of amber liquid clasped in his large fist and a severe frown dominating his handsome face.
Finally he speaks, "Tomorrow I'm going to have my father put things in motion for our rejection ceremony."

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  • Gigi

    5t2p started reading this book

    06/01/2023 10:42
  • Jules Marie

    5t2p this challenge is helping me remember books that I added to my library and forgot to read... this is one of them. I guess I'll be reading it soon. Hopefully it's a good one.

    04/02/2023 02:38
  • Michibeba

    #5t2p# These stories are always so difficult to read, because you can see that both main characters are just mucking everything up by not being honest and communicating, hopefully this works out in the Ed and they get the happy ending they deserve

    04/01/2023 18:31
  • Jan T

    5t2p #5t2p The introduction sounds sad. the comment sounds good. I'll keep an open mind when reading the story and wish the main character gets a happy ending

    04/01/2023 14:57
  • Nadege Verret

    5t2p so far so good👍 another book in my library that I didn't start until today 😁

    04/01/2023 13:20
  • Debra Sykes

    5t2p I'm really liking the book so far not much Into the book but it's good

    04/01/2023 13:06
  • Reader-350476

    5t2p I just started reading this book,so far so good and started with pain and I guess she will find her happiness.

    04/01/2023 12:07
  • Jenna Mc Augustine

    5t2p so far so good. wish he would have told her from the start she was his mate. you can see he cares by giving here a way out but its hurting them both

    04/01/2023 12:04
  • Vicki usher

    5t2p# I wasn't sure about this book a friend had recommended it so a gave it a read. I can truthfully say its a good one and would recommend it

    04/01/2023 10:37
  • zira

    5t2p im already half way of this book and its not a fan of a book with a lot of chapter but this is worth it...well recommend

    04/01/2023 10:30