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I’m a rare breed. The daughter of an Alpha capable of birthing the strongest kind of pup. I had just turned 18 and in six months I would go through the heat. A heat unmated could kill a wolf. So my parents had invited pack leaders and their sons to our lands to compete for my hand. To say I was nervous was an understatement. It was very common for a female alpha to be bred and then tossed to the side. Some were even killed. I had no idea what to expect.
I never expected him….
To be blessed with a soulmate is also a rare thing. I only saw him first during the tournament. He had come late sending gifts ahead as apology for his disrespect. I admit I had been intrigued by his actions.
When I saw him I could not help the scream I let loose to stop the fight. I was supposed to remain hidden during the match. I was supposed to act impartial as well.
Then again I was not supposed to find my soulmate during this.
I walked through the hushed crowd. I had to be near him like I had to breath. This calmed all my fears of deceit and treachery. He was bound to me by the goddess herself made for me and I for him. My eyes could not be taken from him. I knew now that my life was safe and we would love strongly.
Goddess help those who try to break us apart.

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  • Elizabeth Bolling

    I guess you gave up on the story

    03/16/2024 13:42
  • Brittany Nicol Trippler

    will the next book be coming out soon?

    11/13/2023 00:28
  • Debbie Brown

    kinda sirry i started this book

    09/22/2023 18:42
  • ReaderRicecake

    #50%offread There are some errors, but it is a captivating story. I am, unfortunately, burnt out on the whole doe-eyed damsel turned Luna trope.

    08/31/2023 04:22
  • Jennifer

    for those thinking about reading this book. you definitely should. yes there are some errors but it is a very unique and well written book. ignore the self righteous entitled people in here. the book is complete. the author was unwell so took sometime to finish. people need to get a life. these types of websites are for authors starting out. you want best seller books go buy them in the store. SMH

    07/17/2023 15:03
  • Laura

    This book is poorly written. The events aren't properly sequenced which gives me a headache. Plus, when was this updated last? This is another abandoned book. 👎

    06/13/2023 11:11
  • Karja Kruger

    this book is so good

    06/12/2023 12:24
  • Quiteria Nhabinde


    06/11/2023 19:01
  • Reader

    When will this book be updated again?

    05/30/2023 16:27
  • Reader-765508

    praying author ok since haven’t updated in while love this book

    05/30/2023 15:42