The Alpha's Huntress (book one & two)

The Alpha's Huntress (book one & two)

Anne Thode Thyssen

127.5k Words / Completed


---The game between Alpha and his Huntress mate---
---Who can be the final winner?---
---Who loses her/his heart in the game?---
“You know you never told me why you had those numbers,” Rogan said, “Do they mean something special?”
“We get them assigned, but I was able to decide mine,” I said.
“Oh? Why 110 then?” Rogan kept asking.
I smiled a little, and Rogan looked at me confused.
It … it was my father’s number,” I said.
“I … I wanted to honour him, you know.
Rogan squeezed my hand and I looked up at him and smiled.
“You were a great hunter,” he said. “But now you need to be a great Luna.”
Her number is 110, her name was rarely used. But she indeed has a beautiful name, Serena. Serena lost her family at a very young, she hated all of the werewolves who ruin her life. When she was sent to kill the most powerful Alpha Rogan, Serena didn’t have any hesitation, Alpha Rogan must be killed.
Alpha Rogan caught the most unexpected prey, his mate, a little huntress. To deal with her was much more difficult than killing his enemies with blood. He knew she hated him and he himself should stay away from her. But he just couldn’t, he wanted his mate so much and never wanted to hurt her.

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  • Switch Fix

    Imagine being manipulated your whole entire life into thinking you are doing something right by destroying a whole species just to find out everything you thought you knew was a LIE!! How can you reconcile this!! I hope she finds her way! #whatsapp

    09/11/2023 05:37
  • Read Feeder

    Added this and unlocked to read just off the description and first few chapters. Easily a binge read because it is so different and so entertaining right away. Good setup for an enemy to lovers plot. #whatsapp

    09/11/2023 05:30
  • Mirela

    I like the story already. I'll add it to my library. I like how she is feisty and fights with him every time she gets. Hope the come along and accept the mate bond and fight together for the peace. I think not the werewolves killed her parents. #whatsapp

    09/11/2023 01:19
  • Tricia Freligh

    This story sounds like it’s going to be a very interesting read. I have added it to my library I can not wait to found out how this is going to play out. #whatsapp

    09/11/2023 00:23
  • Anna Lipton

    The intro sounds really cool and interesting. It sounds like it is a pretty different storyline than a lot of other werewolf stories. I will definitely be giving this book a try. #whatsapp

    09/10/2023 21:37
  • Rafael

    I like the introduction. it seems a very interesting story with many twists. I love werewolf stories and the fact that the main characters are an alpha and a Huntress a thinking is going to be fun to read. #whatsapp

    09/10/2023 21:32
  • Denise Corey

    I am absolutely loving this book so far! I can't wait until she realizes she has been working for the bad guys most of her life. (in my opinion of course!)... this is a new twist, something different. the characters are strongman smart. #whatsapp

    09/10/2023 21:01
  • Kendra Summers

    I am completely enjoying this book so far! It’s storyline isn’t the same as other wolf/alpha books I’ve read so far and there are so many details. I’m loving the characters and although I can guess that they’ll become mates I don’t know where the storyline is leading me yet and that is the most intriguing aspect. Can’t wait to keep reading this book! #whatsapp

    09/10/2023 17:22
  • Amers5367

    This book is amazing. The policy twist made me feel for both the alpha and his huntress. The sequel story is just as amazing! I like the character development. Anna is an amazing author. I highly recommend reading her books. Her development in her stories you really grow to love them.

    09/10/2023 15:26
  • m.Elise.s

    I love this book so far! It seems to be quite a unique story already, and I can’t wait to unlock more chapters. Oh, and the interactions between the two main characters so far… **chef’s kiss**. #whatsapp

    09/10/2023 14:24