Bound to the Billionaire Playboy

Bound to the Billionaire Playboy


196.4k Words / Ongoing


My name is Henley Douglas.
I survived leukemia, and fell in love with the doctor who delivered the news.
Now, he wants to marry me.
In exchange, he will give me everything… except his love.
He gave his heart to one woman who shattered it long ago.
Now, I’m left to pick up the pieces.
Five years ago, my sister, Ari, married Prince Grayson of Estrea in an arranged marriage.
Now, neither could imagine their lives without the other.
Will my arranged marriage be the same?
Or will it end in disaster, leaving me shattered, as well?
Can I marry and give my love to a man who may never love me?
Will he love me, too… one day?
Or am I condemned to live in a loveless marriage, a gilded prison?
Maybe I can love enough for both of us.
Or maybe it will destroy me.
Only time will tell.
Continuation of Bought by the Billionaire Prince by Theresa Oliver.
Bound to the Billionaire Playboy is created by Theresa Oliver, an eGlobal Creative Publishing signed author.

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  • Linda Strandquist

    z1x3 this one has started out as good as the first book. hope it continues on the same way.

    04/24/2023 00:15
  • Marvin Vanderkust

    z1xr Ohhh I will purrr...with this one always exited to read story line with an age gap.

    04/23/2023 23:27
  • Awurabena Afriyie Asare

    z1x3. I believe i have to have this book in my library. just when I thought I was gonna be cool , i have this book to read love it

    04/23/2023 22:09
  • Reader-915774

    z1x3 love this as it’s a sequel to her first book about her sister Ari. it’s a great read!

    04/23/2023 21:05
  • Tricia Freligh

    z1x3 Looks like I’m going to have to add the other book to my library too. I look forward to see how this will play out.

    04/23/2023 18:03
  • Maria Cecilia Reyes-Meliton

    z2x3 This is a really good read. It holds your attention from beginning to end. Very hard to put down once started.

    04/23/2023 16:45
  • Helen M

    z1x3 So far, I’m enjoying this story. The writing seems ok - not a lot of editing errors - and it seems to flow nicely. As this is a sequel, I’ll add it to my library and finish reading it after I’ve read book 1.

    04/23/2023 15:59
  • Amal Samir

    Z1x3, the intro intrigues you to read the book as it doesn't show much of what happens in the book. Also, The story line is different from other stories.

    04/23/2023 12:59
  • Vicki usher

    z1x3# the introduction is good not giving to much away just enough to make you interested. I hope it can be read as a standalone book as I want to start it now

    04/23/2023 11:42
  • John Robinson

    z1x3 This story looks really interesting I have already read the first few chapters. I think I will read "Bought by the billionaire prince' while waiting for this story is completed.

    04/23/2023 09:04