Throne of Wolves

Throne of Wolves


452.9k Words / Ongoing


"I, Torey Black, Alpha of the Black Moon reject you."
His rejection hit me instantly.
I couldn't breathe, unable to catch my breath as my chest heaved up and down, my stomach churning, unable to hold myself together as I watched his car speed down the driveway and away from me.
I couldn't even comfort my wolf, she immediately retreated to the back of my mind, prohibiting me from speaking to her.
I felt my lips wobble, my face scrunching up as I attempted to hold myself together but failing miserably.
Weeks had passed since I last saw Torey my heart seeming to break a little bit more as the days went by.
But lately, I found that I was pregnant.
Werewolves pregnancies were much shorter than a human's. With Torey being an Alpha, it cut the time down to four months, whereas a Beta would be five, Third in Command would be six and a regular wolf would be between seven and eight.
As suggested, I headed to bed, my mind full of questions and wonders. Tomorrow was going to be intense, there were a lot of decisions to be made.
Only for ages 18 and older.---Two teenagers, a party and the unmistakable mate.

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  • Casey Stewart

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    08/26/2023 10:41
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    sure convince him to give up the secrets then come him before he gives you anything major stupid

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    wth eva is now Lara?

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  • Floreadsalot

    that was disgusting. he brings his mate to his bed with fluids from his morning ho.

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  • Mary Dunn

    so much for screwing the names up, spelled wrong or wrong name used.

    04/11/2023 18:09
  • anita hunter

    it take too long for the chapters to load up.

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