Sex Me Up, Mate

Sex Me Up, Mate

Quiencyn 👑👑

30.2k Words / Ongoing


“Goodnight. I love you”.
I ’m not responding to this one.
Now for that app I need to sign up to, I quickly put on my details then pay the joining fee, I'm approved within seconds. I give them Finn's number and then put my phone on silent and go to sleep.

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  • Roberta M. Kemp

    ok my bad I thought he could turn into a dragon lol,

    01/28/2023 08:26
  • Roberta M. Kemp

    ok so that guy panchinno can shift into not only a wolf but a dragon too??? what else can he shifts into?

    01/28/2023 08:17
  • Jessica Cue-Ann

    This feels real, as if the author experienced it or was affected by it. Great job keeping me entertained

    07/27/2022 07:31
  • nceba mbizafa

    When are you uploading?

    07/27/2022 07:27
  • Quinn Gold

    Love it

    07/27/2022 07:24
  • Angel Ward

    I am sucked in I am excited to see where this is going

    07/16/2022 01:09