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Chapter 1: My childhood crush

I thought my day was going to be very good, but I could not be prepared for what would happen.

"Priscilla, sweetie..."

Oh no please no.

"Hey…" I say boring, not paying attention to my phone, much less I expected a call from my mom.

I'm so busy right now. It was announced a big change in the office. My boss told us we'd be working with a new client. And that's all I can think about, it seems important.

People say that change is good, I just want some opportunity, I need some hope in my life.

"I'm just calling to let you know... that Lily's wedding is coming up. The Fairfaxes not only invited your sister, we are all invited, it would be great! And oh my god... there is so much to do!" she says with obvious admiration.

I had forgotten... the Fairfaxes, but how to forget them? Just the mention of that last name makes me shudder.

"Yeah, about that, I don't know if we should..."

"What? What are you saying...?"

"I mean... we are not their family... we..."

"Nonsense! This is the biggest event! All the high society would be there!" she says.

"Mom... we are not..."

"You are going with your sister and me to that wedding, they have been very good friends, they have helped us whenever they could!. Okay? I want you to do whatever they need. You got that? They need us!"

Do they need us? The Fairfax family is a high society, and we… on the other hand, struggle and suffer to get a paycheck. My mother owns a small hair salon, and my father never appeared again. I have a quiet job, my sister works with my mother. You know… a regular family

"And try to dress up a little more, be more feminine, buy yourself some clothes if necessary... I have to go, they are calling me right now! Bye-bye!” she says rushing and hanging up.

Wow... great conversation.

At least the comments were about my clothes and not my body, she usually tells me I'm overweight. Like I don't have a mirror!

More drama to my life, as if I needed it

Lily Fairfax and my sister Caroline... best friend forever. Although, nobody knows how they're still friends. Or maybe it's just me.

Caroline is a rather egocentric character, whereas Lily is the sweetest, kind and adorable girl I know. Our families became friends, but not so close that we were involved in her wedding. I haven't seen Lily in years!

And you would think that weddings are nice, yes they are. The thing with Fairfax... it's almost a hundred percent certain that her brother is coming, and... that's bad... terrible.

The problem was Ethan. Just thinking about him makes my stomach hurt. I have to think of excuses, lots of excuses not to go to that wedding for anything in the world.

Ethan... well, to me, he was the perfect boy. My best friend when I was a little girl. He was every girl's dream in high school and my first and only crush.

I've gone years without thinking about everything that happened in those times, it still hurts, I cried so much because of him.

My life was never the same and my self-esteem was destroyed, how could I even see him? What would I tell him? No, no... better not even think about it.

I guess his life must have been good, we were so different as kids, our families, and our social class, but I didn't realize it until it was too late.

Ethan was so handsome, popular, intelligent and I... was nothing. Sometimes, when I think of him, I wonder how he is now. He must be successful, married, and happy. No, no... better not to think about him at all. It hurts too much. I still remember his words that tore me apart.

He'll probably be at his sister's wedding, there's no way he won't be with her on that important day. But I won't go, and I won't see him, and everything will be fine. Exactly, everything will be fine, Priscilla.

I work in a construction company and my boss has recently started a small interior design department. I always wanted to be a kind of artist, but unfortunately I couldn't.

But we all have to start somewhere and when I saw the opportunity I took it. I have to learn a lot of things. I usually focus on the warehouse, looking at the materials, furniture and plants that will be used in the few ongoing projects.

And a new customer is always good news. My boss said it probably bring new projects and bigger clients! But while I was thinking about opportunities, my colleagues only talked about the new client, specifically how attractive he was.

There is a lot of commotion, but all in all, the new client is hot, and I hear various comments.

"I mean... is he that handsome, really?"

"Girl... you have no idea. I saw him yesterday in a meeting. He's fucking hot!"

"Tell us what he looks like!" another yell.

"Ufff a bombshell: young, tall, blond, with gorgeous skin, sexy voice as hell, exquisite and expensive clothes"

"Is he single?" I hear others ask and as I go to my desk, inside I smile.

I have no luck with dating. My ex-boyfriends weren't the most caring and considerate people in the world. Two past relationships, not that they were many.

Nothing exceptional, no overwhelming love, just that... ordinary relationships. I think they settled down and then got bored with me.

But come on…I'm sure the new client won't even look at me, I mean I'm not stupid or deluded. There are pretty girls in the office and a man like that must be married, engaged or have many girlfriends.

I know that I am a very nice person and a beautiful woman, as Suzy, my best friend, keeps telling me ... I am still a woman who is not in the canon of beauty.

I am short, I have many curves, I have wide legs and wide hips. At school, they used to make fun of me because of my physique, and that affected me deeply, to this day. I learned to accept myself the way I am. At least I keep trying.

"Ahhh she's here…" I hear from my colleagues and realize it's Kate.

"Girls, that man is out of everyone's league...if anyone can take him's me. Not only is the client attractive, but well-connected and smart! He's not just a pretty face. So none of you are up to the task. So cut the crap and get to work."

“Hey!...” my coworkers began to say. When my boss yells at us.

"Everyone! Let's get to work, we have an important meeting today! Our new client should be arriving soon, and I hope everything is perfect"

Today? Damn it! I didn't expect it to be so soon.

“Priscilla… could you get me a copy of the new contract? And don't forget the updates” He asks me with his firm voice, without even saying hello to me.

He is a good man, kind of a good boss, but intimidating. To me, it is more or less pleasant because I am always willing to help and learn. With my other colleagues, he is quite cold. I'm used to his manners, and he looks stressed today, so I go fast.

I focus on the job and everything I have to do and prepare everything quickly, and I think my boss will be satisfied. I'm thankful I'm not invited to this meeting because it seems to be extremely important. I'm just an ordinary employee, it's better not to get involved in too serious matters.

I regret not being able to go to the bathroom before seeing the new hot client, sure I'm blushing, and my makeup is not the best, but it's not like I'm going to a fashion show. It's just a client, as attractive and brilliant as he is... nothing more, he's not coming to see me, not at all.

"Priscilla... the boss said that when you finish you should take the documents to the meeting room," a colleague tells me, and that's where I go.

When I open the door, I realize that the meeting has already started, and I freeze.

"Oh, Priscilla… just the person we needed. I was just telling the new client about you" says my boss.

Him. Ethan Fairfax is sitting next to my boss and with a dashing smile. He is elegantly dressed, looking like a million-dollar model and even though the years have passed... I recognize him.

"Oh… hello Prissy," he says.

And I feel myself stumbling, someone has tripped me and I fall with a crash. From the ground, I see him...

No… It can't be!

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