Rise of the Alpha King

Rise of the Alpha King


458.6k Words / Ongoing


The gods' realms have fallen into war, and the mortal world, while unaware, is feeling the effects. Whispers of a plague that turns people into monsters ripple to every end of the earth, but no one can stop the sickness.
The Gold Moon Pack has thrived in chaos before, but the long respected alpha has only just handed the reins to his son, Henry. It’s the ultimate test for a new Alpha, and his Luna, Dorothy. If he fails, he’ll be one of many that could not save his people during the mass extinction of the mortal world. If he succeeds, history will paint him on banners until the end of time.
But the path out of darkness is overgrown with deceit, violence, and tragedy.
Choices are made.
Family bonds break.
Peace never lasts.
RISE OF THE ALPHA KING is an episodic style continuation of The Green Witch Trilogy/Dragon Keep Me/and The Toad Prince storylines. This story will see the events of Ceres’ trilogy: Loved by Fate, Kissed by Sun, and Touched by Chaos, played out from the Point of Views of our mortal world characters.
For the most part, I will be writing from the viewpoints of:
and Gideon.
BUT, it could be anyone from the original books.
As with much of my writing, just be aware I write realistic stories. If it’s violence, it's violent. If it’s sexual assault, it’s traumatizing. I want to evoke strong emotion. I want you to laugh and cry and cheer for my characters like they’re your friends. So yes, TRIGGER WARNINGS.
BUT, of course there are erotic scenes! There is still a lot of romance, love, and laughter, too.
This story will be updated with (3,000-5,000) words one time per week, on Wednesday, until completed.

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  • Iris Georgia

    what a great book !!! You are my favourite author EVER! I love all of your books and I can’t wait to read more. You create such an exciting universe with your words, it’s addicting 🫶🏻 #Happyliteracymonth

    09/19/2023 20:59
  • Ingri Tejada

    loved elwed

    08/12/2023 04:37
  • Naomi Nuñez

    anyone who’s up todate know of this story completed?

    06/03/2023 13:43
  • Sharna George

    when are you updating?

    02/10/2023 14:38