Wolf Kissed: My Fated Human Luna

Wolf Kissed: My Fated Human Luna

Linda NH

115.4k Words / Ongoing


“I want you. I want all of you Noah and I want you to mark me.”
He kisses me immediately. “Are you sure?”
“I’ve never been so sure in my life.”
He kisses me again, then stands up and takes off his trousers and boxers at the same time.
Oh boy, but it’s huge and standing at attention. He leans over me again “If you want me to stop you tell me and I’ll stop.” I nod.
He entered me very slowly and stayed still for a while, allowing my body to get used to his size. He started to move slowly and then gradually increased the pace.
“You’re so fucking tight” he growled.
“Noah don’t stop! Oh my God.” I could feel my orgasm approaching. Noah was coming harder and faster “I’ll never stop. Cum for me baby.”
Amelia is a 21 year old human who has just graduated from university. Her destiny will change when she meets the Alpha Noah. When she met the Greek god like Alpha, when they locked eyes and it was like he can read right through her soul, will her preserved virginity for 21 years be taken away by him in the flames of his love? And after going all this, will she have the courage to face her mother's long-hidden secret?

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  • Reader-840475

    so far loving the book!!! I need to find ways to get more rewards so I can read it faster.

    08/14/2023 02:29
  • karen durfee

    when is there going to be more chapters

    05/07/2023 01:44
  • Reader-296944

    z1x3 this book is GREAT. I like how she doesn’t lose her best friend that we meet at the beginning. that would be a bummer. who knows where this story will go!

    04/24/2023 05:16
  • Bizzybee🐝🌸

    z1x3 ouuu it starts off spicy but I just want to know if it’s a lot of spicy or just a little bit in interested

    04/24/2023 02:22
  • icuovrthere

    z1x3 I'm a bit sad the synopsis immediately goes into sex. I wish there was more buildup

    04/24/2023 00:59
  • Reader-431917

    z1x3 this book 📚 sounds like it might be fairly interesting. I will add it to my library to see if I like it

    04/23/2023 23:26
  • Gemma Butler

    z1x3 This book sounds like it could be interesting. I’ve added it to my library to read later.

    04/23/2023 23:19
  • Emily

    z1x3 story sounds interesting so far but it hasn’t quite gripped me yet. I’ll add and see if I like it

    04/23/2023 22:42
  • Mirela

    z1x3 - The story seems to be interesting. Being human, she is different than others from her age, becasuse they are werewolves. Hope she finds here "Prince Charming"

    04/23/2023 22:28
  • Sammy

    z1x3 I read a few chapters and decided to give this story a try. Added to my library but will continue once the book is completed.

    04/23/2023 22:24