Seducing the Mafia King

Seducing the Mafia King


57.0k Words / Completed


Anna, a lovely but stubborn girl wants to take an interview with a famous international Mafia Don to get a promotion in her office, despite knowing how dangerous it could be. He is a cold-hearted Mafia King, she is a stubborn reporter. He is rude, she is shameless. He kills people in seconds, she becomes the headache of people in seconds that people don't want to have arguments with her/and him. What will happen when these two personalities collide with each other? Who will beg mercy? Who would be the first to lose? She knows how cold he is, she knows that he doesn't like to meet anyone, he didn't see any reporter, so she makes a plan and lied the guards that she is his girlfriend and entered his mansion when he was busy with his new partners, discussing something very important. Not only that she also claimed that she had saved him once and had a romantic relationship with him, and is pregnant with his child. However, thinks doesn't go well as this made the mafia King mad the hell. He then yelled at her while pressing her under him on the table in front of everyone. "You little bit*h, do you know how a girl becomes pregnant, huh, now I will show you and everyone present here will be the witness of this scene.."

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