Mermaid Thighs

Mermaid Thighs

amy worcester

240.6k Words / Completed


“Good morning, fam. This is my uncle Owen, everyone calls him Reese, because that’s his last name and the military is weird like that. He likes thick girls and freaky sex.”
Forty-three year old Helen is newly divorced and trying to find herself. For the first time in her life, she is not under the control of a man. With an absentee father, an abusive step-brother and a manipulative ex-husband, she's had the perfect trifecta of bad men.
Along with learning to live life on her own, she's trying to help her three children. Jaxon is struggling with his sexuality. Jolene is discovering that her perfect marriage is far from perfect. JD is just trying to get through high school and into the Navy.
Fifty-two year old Owen Reese returned to his hometown after twenty years in the Navy. He started a small business that has made him a millionaire over the past decade. With his own daughter grown and living a life of her own, he thought his days of parenting were behind him. But he is now raising his sixteen year old niece while his sister is deployed with Doctors Without Borders.
And now, the cute, plump receptionist from his accountant's office is everywhere he turns. Not that he's complaining; he's dying to get his hands on those lovely, lush mermaid thighs that haunt his dreams.
Nothing seems to go right for them. All of his many sisters are constantly interfering. Her children worry about her so much that they are almost obsessive. And she just wants to be happy. And skinnier.
Warning: include an abusive relationship

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  • K F

    Has there been an update since the 18th? That's the last one I have. Rereading and patiently waiting for new updates.

    09/29/2023 01:29
  • deb

    Will this book have an ending soon?

    09/09/2023 14:23
  • Nuala Phillips

    How many chapters until the book is completed?

    08/30/2023 19:55
  • deb

    we need updates 🙏

    08/28/2023 20:34
  • Kmama

    lots of characters it's to much going on. I just want read about Reese and his love interest I get the niece but really a love triangle and then her kids sometimes I'm not sure who is who.

    08/23/2023 09:58
  • MichelleSB

    #bingeread this book has been one heck if a Rollercoaster! I love all the different personalities and situations!

    08/13/2023 09:35
  • Amaris Gigi Marte


    08/08/2023 15:54
  • Amaris Gigi Marte


    08/08/2023 15:54
  • I Ana-Maria

    #winbonus Very nice story, keeps me checking for updates. I like the storyline and the p.o.v. from each character. I recommend the book ! 😁

    08/03/2023 15:32
  • Emily

    #bingeread really looking forward every update. the story is very meaningful and I love the different view points of the characters.

    07/28/2023 22:29