When She Left, Pregnant

When She Left, Pregnant

Amelia Hart

712.7k Words / Completed


"Let's get divorced, she's back."
On their second wedding anniversary, Adrian asked Eva for a divorce.
"I can live well without you." Eva found out she was pregnant and decided to raise the child alone.
Feeling like he must have been crazy, Adrian couldn't stop missing Eva every day after the divorce. He searched all over the world until one day he saw the woman he had been searching for walking happily with a child.
"Whose child is this?" Adrian was shocked.

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  • Elin Kähäri

    How long is this book going to be?

    07/22/2023 03:01
  • Stephanie Godin Duval

    When will we have an update.

    07/15/2023 03:36
  • Stephanie Godin Duval

    I wish she would just tell him she's s pregnant. Vivian is such a cuniving bitch.

    07/03/2023 01:24
  • Reader-979898

    still waiting for Eva to leave haha

    06/25/2023 19:12
  • L. B.

    how can he be upset and ask her that? and get angry about it. I wish you would stop making her act like a simp. and stop calling grown WOMEN little girls. ugh!

    06/24/2023 18:42
  • L. B.

    lol I can't believe I'm still waiting for her to leave after 45 chapters. should rename it to something else

    06/24/2023 17:51
  • Stephanie Godin Duval

    i so glad you updated the book Thanks

    06/19/2023 20:32
  • Jan T

    tycoon-AS interesting introduction. shame on the ML for cheating just because "she" is back. he deserves to feel bad after treating Eva like this. I'm not too sure this book is for me. I'm not into reading about cheating. especially getting back together with the cheater.

    06/19/2023 11:03
  • Karooke

    tycoon-as das Intro gefällt mir gut, aber das Genre ist nicht mein Ding... Ich mag solche Geschichten nicht und von daher kann ich auch nicht viel bewerten.. Die anderen Kommentare sind hilfreich bezüglich des Inhalts...

    06/19/2023 10:31
  • Tricia Freligh

    Tycoon-AS This intro is so similar to another story I have saw. I am not going to be adding this one because of I have read enough of I having the woman take off and return years later to then be wanted by the k e that didn’t want them at that time.

    06/19/2023 08:08