Protected By Mafia Boss

Protected By Mafia Boss


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"Sab, listen to mommy." I looked at my Mom's face, the excitement and fear in her eyes was obvious as she looked at me.
"Yes mommy, why?"
"Listen, if people will ask you what happened to your Daddy just say you did it okay?"
"What did I do Mommy?" But instead of answering she gave me the gun she was holding with her trembling hands.
"Listen, Sabrina. Daddy is a bad person, he kills people. He do bad things, that's why Mommy did it." She explained. "But do you want Mommy to be in jail?"
I immediately shook my head and she smiled. "You want to be a Lawyer like me, right? You want to be everyone's hero by defending them right?"
"Yes, Mommy! I want to be an Lawyer."
"And this is your first step baby, defend Mommy. If people ask you what happened to Daddy just say you did it because you are angry at him okay?"
"I am not angry with Daddy, Mommy. I love him!" I said but later on a loud slap landed unto my cheeks.
"Don't undo your Mommy! Defend me! You'll definitely be alright because you're a child and they can't hurt you! But if you don't do it, Mommy will die too! Do you want that?! " She shouted. I was immediately shaken.
"Good girl, then defend Mommy and I will be safe." Because of the fear of my childhood I could do nothing but follow my Mother's wishes.
"Mommy will go somewhere far. But I'll be back ㅡ"; she interrupted when she heard some siren from the police car.
"Bye Sabrina. Mommy is in a hurry. I'll be back, I promise." She said and immediately left the mansion using the kitchen door.
And now I'm alone. Holding a gun on my left hand and a doll on my right. And my Daddy, laying dead on the floor.
I followed what Mommy what wanted me to do. I defended her, and she was right they didn't do anything to me because I am a child.
They sent me into the Orphanage but an old man came to the Orphanage and sent me out of there.
"Sabrina Klea Lacsamana this my son, Saint Angelous Santillana ..." I looked at the kid who is wearing an eyepatch.
"Hi! I'm Sab."
He just tsked at me and walked away.

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