The Return to Crimson Dawn

The Return to Crimson Dawn

Diana Sockriter

259.9k Words / Completed


Giving up has never been an option….
While fighting for his life and freedom has become commonplace for Alpha Cole Redmen, the battle for both hits a whole new level once he finally returns to the place he’s never called home. When his fight to escape results in dissociative amnesia, Cole must overcome one obstacle after another to get to the place he only knows about in his dreams. Will he follow his dreams and find his way home or will he get lost along the way?
Join Cole on his emotional journey, inspiring change, as he fights to return to Crimson Dawn.
*This is the second book in the Crimson Dawn series. This series is best read in order.
**Content warning, this book contains descriptions of physical and sexual abuse that sensitive readers may find disturbing. For adult readers only.

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    Yay! So happy that the second book is being released, the first one was just so emotional, I think we're all hoping our boy gets some peace.

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    Finally I can read on! thank you for releasing the second part!

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