Falling in love with my Ex's Alpha

Falling in love with my Ex's Alpha

Sadie Newton

375.2k Words / Ongoing


She's with his Gamma, yet Alpha Kaiden finds himself irresistibly drawn to the desire of having her...
Katherine * * *

The first thing that struck me was his sheer size ā€“ he practically radiated strength and power, his broad shoulders and commanding stature creating an undeniable presence, every muscle defined under his skin, each movement exuding a controlled strength that seemed ready to be unleashed.
My eyes couldn't help but be drawn to the scar on his face, a rugged detail that only added to his aura of mystery. Though his appearance held a hint of danger, there was an underlying appeal that I couldn't ignore.
Kaiden * * *

I know how bad my reputation is. In the eyes of the world, I'm the vicious alpha who savors the thrill of killing for pleasure under every full moon's eerie glow.
However, beneath the veil of dread that shrouds my name, there's a well-guarded secret that nobody suspects. A secret that would shatter the myths and tales spun around me.
I smelled her sweet cherry pepper and ginger smell; it felt like the best scent in the world and calmed me down instantly.
When she lifted her head, the red hair in her ponytail swayed, spreading her sweet scent even further.
I can't help but entertain the daring notion of stealing her away from my fucking Gamma!
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In a world where a tournament to become the next Alpha King looms, a captivating tale unfolds, bringing together two unlikely souls.
Kaiden, a ruthless and feared werewolf infamous for his cruel exploits and pleasure in taking lives mercilessly every full moon, finds out that his fated mate is none other than a seemingly ordinary human woman.
Although he wants to reject their bond, his fate takes an unexpected twist when the tournament's rules dictate that only Alphas with a mate can participate, leading Kaiden to propose a daring contract of pretense.
Though initially hesitant, her heart softens when he makes a precious promise: to protect her small pack from any threat that may arise.
Little does he know that Katherine discovers a hidden strength within herself, that is far greater than he could have imagined.
As they navigate the tournament's treacherous challenges, Kaiden finds himself captivated by Katherine and drawn to the idea of having her not just by his side...
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  • Justine Van Zyl

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    gracias. it helps. love it

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    Wow wow wow ! Such a good read. I ran to open more chapters, Absolutely love the characters, highly recommend!

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