The alpha´s king and his forbidden mate.

The alpha´s king and his forbidden mate.

Ganesha Manos Gloriosas

54.1k Words / Ongoing


Slowly stroing her again he leaned down placing a kiss, tender almost imperceptible on her hand. Daisy is so delicated and pure, the perfect mate of his madness dreams.
“Just trust on me, I won´t hurt you”
He extended a hand using it to wipe the lipstick on her lips and wet cheeks. She was supposed to be writhing in pleasure not crying in pain. But She was so afraid of becoming into a werewolf. The Alpha ing smiles and whisper to her:
“Do you know you look more beautiful than the moon when you smile?”
Daissy nodded holding into him for dear life. She never wanted to be far away of him, ever again will let him go. “Thank you”
“Just trust on me. Spread your legs wider for me”.
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Daisy always thought her life would change for the better if She accepted to be the woman of the Alpha´s ing, with other two Lycan lovers interests on her. She is the future Alpha Queen Moon, She has foreseen his mate was the only one like no other, a wolfman that would love away her everything, and the one who will take her dancing every night. She choice an Alpha King, Ryan, that would see only her, breathe only her.
However, When She found herself into a reverse hare, mated to another Lycan, Benjamin, her life long crush, the Alpha King and the man who made her a werewolf just dissapears. Now Deisy nows the one who will fight for her, as the future Alpha King, reining next to her, has to kill Benjamin. Otherwise her dreams of being a Queen Moon Dancer remained just that, a dream of being with Ryan.

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