Thrown Into The Lycan's Den

Thrown Into The Lycan's Den

Eiya Daime

253.1k Words / Ongoing


''Well, do you have something to say?''
A strapping, muscular naked man asked me as he sat across from me as I was also sitting there naked, half-submerged in this large tub of water.
''Don't worry, I won't bite you, baby...''
He said as he moved closer to me, pulling me into his lap and placing me on his leg.
''Wh-what is this, Master?'' I finally asked him as he handed me a small bar.
''I am not your Master,'' he snapped at me in a harsh tone.
''I am your Mate.''
After the death of Alasia's mother five years before, her stepfather used the trust given to her upon her mother's death to support his drinking habits.
Once he was broke and refusing to manage the one low-end job he had, he felt he was left with no other choice. He decided to sell his eldest stepdaughter in the event that he could get enough to move away, and therefore, take her younger brother along with him.
Alasia at the mere age of 16 is sold into slavery into the most fierce werewolf pack, The Crimson Caine, by her overzealous and abusive step-father.
How can she survive under the most ruthless and Alpha?
And what if she finds out she's his MATE?

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