Alpha´s curvy bullied human mate

Alpha´s curvy bullied human mate


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"So pink and wet ...... My delicious mate," he told me, caressing me with his fingers and exploring me as I moaned.
I squirmed under his touch, my breasts bouncing as my thick thighs wrapped around him ......
He held my thighs and licked my slit, I screamed and tried to close my legs but he stopped me. As he licked and tasted, my moans grew louder and I began to writhe. Then he slid into me...
"Damn ...... You're so tight." He kissed me hard.
I hugged him tight. I couldn't take it anymore. "I want you, I want you now."
Penelope was the only human in the Moonstone Pack, where humans were considered weak and unlucky. As if that weren't enough, she was a curvy teenager, unlike the werewolves, who were athletic and slender. Also, she was considered a traitor. For years, she had received nothing but abuse and mistreatment.
Penelope fled to the human world, but years later, a meeting of Alphas from different packs brought Penelope and Nate face to face. Nate realized that Penelope was his mate, the one he hurt in the worst possible way.
Nate was drawn to her, but would she forgive him?
Together they must confront betrayal, hidden agendas, and the past that seemed to haunt them.

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