Their Tangled obsession (18+)

Their Tangled obsession (18+)


78.8k Words / Ongoing


It's a 18+ story. Contains explicit sexual content.
Florina was living a perfect life with a perfect job and a lovely boyfriend but her once fairytale peaceful life turned upside down in just a single night because of something that she saw.
Now she was on the hit list of the Russian mafia and he wanted her dead at all costs. Florina ran for her life but destiny threw her in another frenzy when she stumbled upon Sebastian King, the American mafia boss and Vincenzo Romano, the Italian mafia boss. She caught their attention at the first site. And as people say, 'the devils always feed on pure souls... These two devils have now started craving her. But the problem is Vincenzo and Sebastian are the biggest enemies of each other. They can't even share the same air to breathe, let alone share a girl they both desire. They are ready to kill each other to have her for themselves. Will any one of them be able to get her?And the main question is who will Florina choose OR will she run away from them scared of this new life that she was thrown into? Only if she knew that once you caught the eye of a mafia there's no going back.

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