Mated To The Cursed Alpha King

Mated To The Cursed Alpha King


30.5k Words / Ongoing


"You are naked," Josh commented.
"No-no… I…" she began to stutter, earning a small smile from Josh. "I am not."
"Come out from the stream then," he said with a lopsided smirk, moving dangerously closer to her.
Born of the lowest rank, Olivia has suffered greatly as an Omega Werewolf. After facing a pack attack, she was saved by a strange man who sold her off to be a slave. As she begins serving as a slave for a werewolf pack, she is captured by rogues.
After finally escaping from a group of dangerous rogues, she finds herself facing rejection yet again when she learns that she is mated to the Cursed Alpha, Josh who is the most feared, ruthless, and deadliest werewolf in the world.
Josh ruled with an iron hand, was merciless and dangerous just the way he wanted it. He knew he had no chance at love, and discovering he had a mate was out of the question. Mates are weaknesses, and his parents were the perfect example of why he should not be mated. Then, what was the Moon Goddess thinking, mating him with an Omega?

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