The Lone She Wolf Comments

  • Joey Idontwanttousemylastname

    The grammar is horrendous, I can't get past the terrible writing. This is not storytelling. This is a poor attempt at writing, adding some smut to try and make it interesting, but no real effort. I can't bring myself to try and get through anymore of this weak story.

    07/25/2023 00:14
  • Gloria Smith

    it's too descriptive for me.

    07/18/2023 05:26
  • Daisy Francisco

    Avery-AS This is really a good book to read,The main character is really beautiful and it is interesting story.

    06/13/2023 22:15
  • AmberLu

    Avery-AS I need to read more of the book because so far I dont know if I like it.

    06/11/2023 20:04
  • miss foodieeee😋😋😋

    Avery-AS I do like the intro (believe me it's really good🤭) and also read like the first chapters ; I really like it so far but just need to improve little bit more in the grammar but rather than that ITS AMAZING won't like I love it (and already in my library 🤭🤭🙈🙈) so all the best for ur future writings 🤗🤗

    06/11/2023 19:43
  • Sharon Milton

    Avery-AS I have started to read this book and cannot put it down as want to know how she is and who she is so know I am putting a hold on all of my other books so that I can finish this one

    06/11/2023 15:41
  • SpudFoxy22

    Avery-AS over heard amazing things about this book and I can't wait to get stuck in to it

    06/11/2023 11:28
  • Gemma Butler

    Avery-AS Going from the book’s introduction, this book sounds like it could be a really good story to read but unfortunately I think the book needs to be edited first. There are a few parts that are difficult to understand

    06/11/2023 10:31
  • Jan T

    Avery-AS I have heard of this book awhile ago but didn't want to read it due to the quality of the writing. I do feel sorry for Avery having such a sad start to life. goos introduction though. I'm curious how the story will develop.

    06/11/2023 09:50
  • Martial Flor

    Avery-AS the idea behind this story is quite interesting, but I cannot say that reading it is a particularly exceptional experience - from the synopsis alone one can already tell how much editing and proofreading this story needs. and as others mentioned, character development is lacking

    06/11/2023 08:27
  • Kamik

    Avery-AS very interesting, I wonder what will happen next. And hope she will stop hurting herself emotionally and physically.

    06/11/2023 08:12
  • Lonnie Bronco

    Avery -AS I think the story line might be good, but it definitely needs to be edited. The characters aren't developed very well and I really dislike how much she blames herself for what happened. I hope as the story progresses, Avery learns to love herself a little.

    06/11/2023 08:02
  • Christel van Dinter

    Avery-AS like the story so far. eventhough it can be hard to read sometimes cuz it is badly written. but im still curious how the story will develop. i will be reading the rest of the story in the future.

    06/11/2023 07:51
  • Debra Sykes

    Avery-AS OMG I remember why I stopped reading this book. I couldn't take the every frigging chapter been about her body and all repetitive. good luck to all who enjoy this book but it's not for me

    06/11/2023 05:48
  • Lori Holden

    Avery-AS the intro sounds good. poor Avery in her lose of her parents and pack. Hopefully she will find her place in Liam's pack and is protected with all the love she needs

    06/11/2023 05:30
  • Aly_sohn

    Avery-AS this story is poorly written. I have a very hard time reading and struggles to get into this book. I will not be adding it to my library. I did not enjoy it at all.

    06/11/2023 04:47
  • Awurabena Afriyie Asare

    Avery-AS. This book is very interesting and very emotional too. I feel sorry for Avery for loosing her parents and entire pack just because of one person's greed. But am hoping her mate protects her from those who want to harm her and not to harm her himself also.

    06/11/2023 04:23
  • Mirela

    Avery-AS It's a good story. It's been a while since I read the book. I like it and I think I will read it again. Liam will be able to protect her and finally accept her as her mate.

    06/11/2023 03:57
  • Irma Beck

    Avery-AS this book needs a lot of editing and I find that the author is over using descriptive words to describe the story and the situation/s otherwise I am interested in seeing how the story and character unfolds. added to my library for future reading

    06/11/2023 03:56
  • Reader-915774

    Avery-AS I don’t like this book. it’s badly written and the way she describes the poor girl is just awful. she’s trying to write “sexual” innuendos where they shouldn’t even be and the descriptions are frightening. I won’t be continuing to read this book.

    06/11/2023 03:37
  • Alice Pinto

    Avery-AS i normally love werewolves stories, but I don’t think I will go on with this one. first of all, the book isn’t very innovative and, second, it has too much errors for me

    06/11/2023 02:46
  • Kirsten Tooker

    Avery-AS This is going to be a big fat no for me. I was cringing the entire time I was reading the first two chapters and I barely started reading the third chapter before I gave up on the story.

    06/11/2023 02:36
  • Me Myself

    Avery-AS this book starts off very negative. there is a lot of self hatred, which I really do not care for. there are also a lot of grammatical errors, which is not enjoyable to try to read through.

    06/11/2023 02:12
  • Mechelle Gould

    Avery-AS lots of grammar errors degrades a young woman even though she gets revenge in the end. I’m not one who likes to read this type of wearwolf book. I do think it needs a trigger warning also.

    06/11/2023 02:02
  • Kitty-694016

    Avery-AS. having been a victim of sexual assault as a very young child this book has the potential to be a huge trigger. I can relate with the self flaggelationas I continue to do so. the summary does have me confused as to why multiple rejections from the same mate could occur. and how is she to keep running and not know any peace or have a life. while this is not necessarily a story for me, I can see others enjoying it

    06/11/2023 01:40
  • Tricia Freligh

    Avery-AS From what I have read it just doesn’t grab my attention off the bat. Plus there are quite a bit of errors with the grammar. I can sometimes get by and figure out what was meant but this one just not enjoyable.

    06/11/2023 01:39
  • yancy

    Avery-AS The story is confusing. I don't like how the story is because of the errors in the grammar and that it is too confusing, absurd. I can't finish it because it distracts me too much.

    06/11/2023 01:35
  • Blood Thorn

    Avery-AS too much wrong here and I've barely read 2 chapters. I refuse to read more. let's start with the little thing here. Abuse of power, not terribly bad and let's face it a lot of stories have it. but then comes the attempted rape and force. again not too uncommon in werewolf trope stories and even normal somewhat in human stories. but the biggest thing for me is the extreme self recrimination. don't get me wrong yes a lot of ppl get it, and all for varying and different reasons. but this author takes it to an extreme level in a young adult book. beating yourself up and starving yourself, constant name calling and degradation of oneself, all real things yes. but too harsh for this audience scope. the warning placed in intro is not good enough. being at the very bottom of it. honestly how many people read them to the bottom or look? it really needs to be moved to the top or placed at both top and bottom. I will not be reading this further.

    06/11/2023 01:18
  • Doobies

    Avery-AS - The intro was a little confusing for me. The awkward English/grammar in a few areas didn’t help with that. I’m rather leery about this story given both the bad grammar/awkward English in the intro and how confusing I found it.

    06/11/2023 00:17
  • Claire

    Avery-AS I don't like what I've read because of the fact that she blames herself for being born with her body type and the way the author describes her is awful. It's very disturbing and so much grammar mistakes. I also didn't like the fact that the her parents locked her in a room to be marked by someone that wasn't her mate is awful and disgusting to me.

    06/11/2023 00:10
  • Athomas15

    Avery-AS The writing is so vulgar. I’ve never met a woman who would use the C word to describe themselves when naked, like 5 times, or continue to describe their breasts and nipples every 2 paragraphs. it’s absurd and distracts from the story. I can’t finish this.

    06/10/2023 23:40
  • latoya Dennard

    Avery-AS What happen to her, that she blames herself for the death of her parents and pack. At the age of 16 she shouldn't blame herself for what someone else does and if it's what I think it is the she really shouldn't.

    06/10/2023 23:34
  • jules kc

    Avery-AS: very interesting beginning and story idea. It sounds good so far, very excited to see what is coming next. I hope for her and the Alpha Liam falling in love, that would be adorable!

    06/10/2023 22:50
  • Sammy

    Avery-AS The story has a good plot but the execution was very poor. I'm not sure if the author is very young and if English is their first language. The author also had an obsession with the female anatomy with repetitive description of the FL's fat and fleshy cunt, large and round ass and large and firm breasts.

    06/10/2023 22:45
  • Ashley

    Avery-AS I already had this in my library for later reading. I have read another story by this author and I really enjoyed it. I am sure this one will be just as good if not better. The storyline is interesting and makes you want to read and find out what happens. I will read this and see where it goes.

    06/10/2023 22:31
  • Bianca Bratu

    Avery-AS This one seems like an interesting story. I love what the summary presents. I will surely give this a try, I am curious to see how the plot plays out. It is added to my library already

    06/10/2023 22:10
  • yes sir

    avery--as I read this book before sorry but I didn't like it that much for little girl to be subjected to sex how parents except that and some of the scenes are a miss like the first one

    06/10/2023 21:32
  • Angela Aleixo

    Avery-AS this book is on my Must Read list. it's interesting and the bit that i read, kept me on my toes. i'm definately going to read it till the end. let's see how it will develops, how will she withstand all the adversities. i'm really curious.

    06/10/2023 21:27
  • Janaki Kollepalli

    Avery-AS... poor girl is on the run from childhood... how has she managed to survive... if Liam rejects her... where is the motivation to go ahead... a very interesting introduction and the plot looks enticing...

    06/10/2023 20:47
  • Ashley Marie

    AVERY-AS I am not liking what has been allowed here and fine it saddening me as a mother would let nothing come near my child to harm them alpha or not I will bring them down and leave her to fend for herself absolutely not happening this book sends me through a series of emotions and I’m looking forward to seeing what’s next for her

    06/10/2023 20:37

    Avery-AS it's an intriguing story. but to be honest I have a long list of to read books. I will add to the list. and see when I'll have time to read.

    06/10/2023 20:22
  • Karooke

    Avery-AS mmh also das Intro hört sich interessant an und macht mich neugierig.. Nun habe ich die kostenlosen Kapitel gelesen und muss sagen, dass ich schon wissen will, wie es weiter geht - auch wenn der Schreibstil etwas komisch ist - sehr oft dreht sich alles um ihren dicken Arsch und ihre dicke Muschi 😅🤭

    06/10/2023 20:05
  • Erina Hamilton

    Avery-AS Like many others have commented I'm torn about reading this book it could be good or it could be yet another rapey abusive mate who gets forgiven too easily story.

    06/10/2023 20:03
  • Kobie Stroebel

    Avery-AS good start

    06/10/2023 19:20
  • Anna Lipton

    Avery-AS. The introduction sounds pretty interesting. I like the concept that were introduced in the intro. I will add this book and at least start it to see how the first couple of chapters are, hopefully I will like it.

    06/10/2023 18:38
  • AngelaCCoelho

    Avery-AS. Novos livros sempre trazem uma nova anciedade. Seja por ser recomendado ou por ser escolhido por você mesma. Adoro livros que contenham lobos e vampiros. Mais um para minha lista.

    06/10/2023 18:21
  • Caitlin Sullivan

    Avery-AS ... I'm very conflicted about wanting to read this story or not. The story has potential to be unique, however her apparent mate treats her badly, but per the 1st part, may still take advantage without her decision in the mix

    06/10/2023 18:18
  • aduke woolford

    Avery-AS It's an exciting start to what I hope turns out to be an excellent read, Avery has had a tough beginning and definitely needs someone in her corner to love and support her.

    06/10/2023 17:49
  • Aisha Ali

    Avery-AS I don't know how to feel about this book it's starts with a sad beginning then goes on with how her alpha abuses his power on her and also the author has her body very described might read it or not

    06/10/2023 17:47
  • Viking-Luna

    Avery-AS Nice chapter for a start, poor Avery is so down and depressing in herself. It's a shame that she's been hiding for so long

    06/10/2023 17:38
  • Daisy Francisco

    Avery-AS wow I like this introduction already, it’s so touchy and I feel her pain being lonely and being scared but if you want to find happiness I guess she needs to gamble with her whole heart and feel the love ❤️

    06/10/2023 17:35
  • icuovrthere

    avery-AS the book sounds like it has a good premise, unfortunately there are a few errors just in the synopsis. I applaud the author for writing something not in their nature language, it makes it difficult to follow along as a reader when we have to edit the story in our minds while reading.

    06/10/2023 17:11
  • Helen M

    Avery-AS The story sounds very interesting. There are quite a few grammatical errors in the introduction and first chapter. I may read it later but with those errors it’ll take time to follow along properly.

    06/10/2023 16:07
  • miss foodieeee😋😋😋

    Avery-As I really find it interesting through the introduction. I am a fond of warewolves literally addicted to these type of stories,I have already added it to my library and will most definitely read it after am done with the current one

    06/10/2023 16:06
  • cutesnake

    Avery-AS. I truly enjoy werewolf stories so I may pick this up again after I'm finished with others. Seeing as the introduction was good and the other comments are seemingly enjoying it as well.

    06/10/2023 15:59
  • Kristen Lewis

    Avery-AS I hate the Alpha and her father for letting him in the room. I'm also very curious who interrupted the Alpha.This story seems like it could be interesting, but the first few chapters are hard to follow and rather crude.

    06/10/2023 15:54
  • Rafael

    Avery-AS. I like the introduction a lot. it seems an interesting story with many twist. I love werewolfs stories and I will read it in the future when I finish the book I read right now. i hope to be a fun read.

    06/10/2023 15:08
  • Amal Samir

    Avery-AS, the intro intrigues you to read the book to know what will happen next. The story line seems interesting to read . I will read it and hope to enjoy it to the end.

    06/10/2023 14:50
  • Michibeba

    #Avery-AS# I worry about the errors I have seen in the introduction, as it would hinder my enjoyment of the book if they are any indication of how the rest is written, but it does seem like an interesting plot

    06/10/2023 14:32
  • Reader-981734

    Avery-AS - Only read a few chapters. I’m not sure if I like the book so far. The story/plot seems interesting but the descriptions are wrong too much on her body parts. It’s really weird… and unpleasant to read.

    06/10/2023 14:19
  • KMKC11

    Avery-As This seems like a good story with an interesting plot but it’s hard reading how the character treats herself. As the story progresses, I hope that changes. I’ll definitely add this to my library to come back to!

    06/10/2023 13:31
  • a j

    Avery-AS the story seems interesting but the writing is difficult to read. I don’t like how the character treats herself and hope that changes as the book progresses. I will continue reading once the book is edited more

    06/10/2023 13:24
  • TinyReader

    Avery-AS Hard to read, even for werewolf genre drama, needs editing. Seems like the author has body dysmorphia or is intent on causing body dysmorphia. Everyone deserves a happy ending though... and a bath. A good soak in rushing running water would do her some good.

    06/10/2023 13:18
  • Efrat Katz

    Avery-AS the story could definitely use some editing and proofreading. the plot is unclear and it is not easy to read or understand where it is going. I don't understand why her pack was killed

    06/10/2023 13:10
  • Donna Pember

    Avery-AS I have read the first few chapters and so far the story is interesting. I have added the book to my library and will read it later. Hopefully the author will get some help with editing.

    06/10/2023 12:49
  • Fernanda Neto

    Avery-AS Esta história está a revelar-se muito confusa de ler. O autor descreve constantemente a forma física da protagonista de uma forma exagerada quanto à sua voluptuosidade, salientando os seus atributos, mas ao mesmo tempo degrine a sua personalidade por algo que aconteceu no passado. O momento de flash back que nos poderia esclarecer acaba por ser um sonho que confunde ainda mais quem lê.

    06/10/2023 12:46
  • Karin Tuchman

    Avery-AS this story needs editing . u see great potential for it but alas it's impossible to read. the storyline sound amazing I can't wait to read it after editing . I wish it would be done fast so I can enjoy this amazing potential book

    06/10/2023 12:38
  • Leré Saunderson

    Avery-AS The intro seems to suggest erotic overdrive. After the supposed sex scene, the rest of the story line seems intriguing. Why would a whole pack be destroyed due to her beauty and how does her beauty threaten Liam's pack. I am just intrigued enough to actually start reading.

    06/10/2023 12:38
  • Maria Cecilia Reyes-Meliton

    Avery-AS This story needs some serious editing. The English used is sadly poorly constructed. The plot is not well developed, leaving one wondering where it is going. Stories like this should be edited before being offered to the public.

    06/10/2023 12:34
  • Paula Almeida

    Avery-as I wonder why her whole pack got killed because of her. I really hope Liam falls in love with her. I have a feeling Liam is going to get into a log of battles over Avery to keep her.

    06/10/2023 12:28
  • Jill Robinson

    Avery-AS The description of this book is quite interesting, after starting to read the beginning I think that the author's first language may not be English but it's still good. It's quite sad at the beginning hoping Avery gets her happily ever after.

    06/10/2023 12:20
  • Vicki usher

    Avery-AS I already had this book in my library but am yet to read it. The story looked interesting and different I am intrigued to see what happens. Although the reviews say its had to read I think I will see give this book a try, I want to see what happens

    06/10/2023 12:15
  • Reader-585150

    I can’t read this book. it is poorly written.

    04/15/2023 06:30
  • Jan T

    8l9k #8l9k the title and story description sounds interesting. I'll read the story for entertainment and with a pinch of salt from what I have seen from the comments

    03/30/2023 05:28
  • zira

    8l9k i had this book long back but i haven't read it until now and i realized why i added this on my library...the intro is cstchy and so is the book .

    03/30/2023 05:27
  • Awurabena Afriyie Asare

    #8l9k# i believe the she wolf is brave and would stand all trials that may come her way and she would be protected by the Alpha.

    03/30/2023 05:16
  • pausch

    i thought by the title it would be a powerful female lead but i am afraid it will not be. does anyone knows novel with strong female lead ? 8l9k

    03/30/2023 05:08
  • Sandra Saß

    I don't think with two years of starving, her assets would still be firm and supple. This whole start of the book just makes me cringe. Not worth reading on.

    10/13/2022 17:26
  • Brandy S. Fyffe

    this book would be easier to enjoy without the constant description of her body and the poor grammar from translation.

    09/12/2022 23:33
  • Alicia G Trevino

    i read more than i thought misspelled words all the running giving me whiplash. going to another story bye

    08/15/2022 23:06
  • Alicia G Trevino

    im abt sick of a ll this running. when is it going to stop 26 ch a pters later still running. i will read to 30 still running i will go to next one

    08/15/2022 20:49
  • Corrina Wiechmann

    ok story line would be better if it was proof read. it is like it was translated from another language into broken English.

    07/15/2022 04:12
  • Reader-094758

    I really love this book

    07/07/2022 22:46
  • Mariah C

    This book is so hard to read, as it’s filled with errors and the descriptive words of the characters are ridiculous.

    06/22/2022 10:00
  • Violet Darling

    this is a very interesting story

    06/21/2022 18:41
  • Violet Darling

    good book so far

    06/21/2022 05:12
  • marshalee hinds

    I really enjoyed ready this book, love it

    06/14/2022 20:41
  • Violet Darling

    so far so good

    06/13/2022 02:21
  • Anni

    Is it even possible for someone to cry that much? It’s literally all she ever does.

    06/12/2022 07:44
  • Anni

    If only I knew how long her hair is…🙄

    06/11/2022 18:08
  • marshalee hinds

    yeeeessss finally, the alpha gets to touch her fat cunt that she spoke so much about 💕

    06/10/2022 23:58
  • marshalee hinds

    right now I am so angry 😡 that I want to stop reading this book, what else must this man do to show you that he loves you? if you continue you are going to loose him

    06/09/2022 03:19
  • marshalee hinds

    the force is taking her right back to Liam

    06/05/2022 18:43
  • marshalee hinds

    do not play with my emotion right now,please tell me my alpha 💕 is not dead 😭

    06/04/2022 22:10
  • marshalee hinds

    i got that you lost your family but you were on your own for 2 years and you survived you need to tuffen up

    05/29/2022 07:37
  • marshalee hinds

    am mad at this alpha

    05/23/2022 22:47
  • 4u2nv

    hmm I'm confused she wants to die but refused to. I don't get it. during the 2 years if that's how she felt she would have done it. I think more research is needed. on mental stability

    05/21/2022 12:00
  • Abby Abr

    worried thing,, i love the story, well structured and language is properly used

    05/18/2022 07:53
  • Tammie Gowen

    Book is good so far

    05/04/2022 05:20
  • Madison Renee Stone

    it’s a good book but the grammar is all of and it’s making it annoying to read.

    05/03/2022 02:31