The Lone She Wolf all 56 chapters

  1. Chapter One: Having Terrible Regrets
  2. Chapter Two: A letter from the alpha
  3. Chapter Three: Marked by the alpha
  4. Chapter Four: Hungry and Naked
  5. Chapter Five: Meeting The Owner Of The Mansion
  6. Chapter Six: Who is he?
  7. Chapter Seven: The Stranger
  8. Chapter Eight: The Herb Doctor
  9. Chapter Nine: A Place To Heal For Punishment
  10. Chapter Ten: WereVille
  11. Chapter Eleven: Liam Payne
  12. Chapter Twelve: Punishment or The Alpha
  13. Chapter Thirteen: Why did he Save me?
  14. Chapter Fourteen: Trapped in WereVille
  15. Chapter Fifteen: The dark shadow pack territory
  16. Chapter Sixteen: I'm in some deep, serious shit.
  17. Chapter Seventeen: It couldn't get any worse
  18. Chapter Eighteen: Please don't
  19. Chapter Nineteen: A day out
  20. Chapter Twenty: Saved by him, again
  21. Chapter Twenty One: Whatever happen, happens
  22. Chapter Twenty Two: Something doesn't feel right
  23. Chapter Twenty Three: A difficult decision
  24. Chapter Twenty Four: A wild she wolf
  25. Chapter Twenty Five: Deep within the forest
  26. Chapter Twenty Six: Just us
  27. Chapter Twenty Seven: I deserve to be left alone
  28. Chapter Twenty Eight: Under the full moon
  29. Chapter Twenty Nine: The red hair maiden
  30. Chapter Thirty: The timid she wolf
  31. Chapter Thirty One: Beginning of a new start
  32. Chapter Thirty Two: Angry as hell
  33. Chapter Thirty Three: A broken hearted she wolf
  34. Chapter Thirty Four: I don't know if I can ever trust him, again
  35. Chapter Thirty Five: Preparing for the big party
  36. Chapter Thirty Six: The she wolf in red
  37. Chapter Thirty Seven: He'll never be mine.
  38. Chapter Thirty Eight: Force to reject the alpha
  39. Chapter Thirty Nine: My last night with Rosa
  40. Chapter Forty: The late night visitor
  41. Chapter Forty One: Chasing my mate
  42. Chapter Forty Two: His Half Brother
  43. Chapter Forty Three: An alpha always protect his mate
  44. Chapter Forty Four:- A night I'll never forget
  45. Chapter Forty Five: Angry at the alpha
  46. Chapter Forty Six: A love so strong
  47. Chapter Forty Seven: The beginning of losing the love of my life
  48. Chapter Forty Eight: Haunted by my past
  49. Chapter Forty Nine: Blackmailed
  50. Chapter Fifty: Something strange is happening to my wolf
  51. Chapter Fifty One: I want my mate
  52. Chapter Fifty Two: Telling the alpha my horrible past.
  53. Chapter Fifty Three: How I killed the evil alpha
  54. Chapter Fifty Four: The secret surprise
  55. Chapter Fifty Five: I am the luna
  56. Extra