The Returned Luna

The Returned Luna


272.3k Words / Completed


“Get out of my castle!”
Laura gazed at the man shouted in front of her, her husband and the prince of kingdom. She did everything she could to become a good luna, but the prince still abandoned her. Because she wasn't his mate.
Until Laura was killed, she didn't know where her mate was...Moon Goddess took pity on her and gave her a second life.
Now she is no longer Luna Laura, but Laurel miller, a beautiful seventeen year old country girl who is happy and free to enjoy her life.
The day the werewolf kingdom defeats the vampires, she climbs the trees to find the triumphant army, and a godlike man appears in her sight.
Her mate.
The king of the werewolf kingdom and the undefeated god of war: Adolph Raymond -- and also her father-in-law she's never met.
“Will you come with me and be my wife and luna?”
Would she?

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  • CoconutPixie

    #50%offread He didn't treat her right, discarded her, and she died. Now she gets a new life and his daddy gets to clap those cheeks...epic

    08/31/2023 14:41
  • Switch Fix

    #50%offread I just want to be a fly on the wall when she runs into her ex with his dad. I hope he notices right away and is crushed!!!

    08/31/2023 14:40
  • Read Feeder

    #50%offread Dear Basil, how that crow taste?! ..If he doesn’t treat you right, date/marry the man that raised him 🤣

    08/31/2023 14:12
  • Dana

    i have only read a few chapters and i think it is a good book…i look forward to reading further and learning what she will do and if she will meet her husband from her past life #bingeread

    07/24/2023 14:18
  • Reader-762870

    literally don’t bother. it’s like the author doesn’t even read what they have already written 🙄 one second she’s been declared his mate in front of everyone, the next no one knows why she is there, and so many other problems that are just not worth the money or time lost and I’m only 49 Chapters in… that’s as far as I’m going, I tried to make it work but it’s not good

    04/11/2023 06:51
  • Donna Pember

    #6s7a# I just added this book to my reading list. I can't wait to read it.

    03/30/2023 12:54
  • Jan T

    6s7a #6s7a this story have good comments. I'm looking forward to reading it. I'm adding it to my reading list

    03/30/2023 12:49
  • Kat Waters

    6s7a this was such a great book he sure learned he had a great luna but only to late to bad she had to die but was reborn n2 his father's mate karma can get u

    03/30/2023 12:41
  • Kerry Graham

    6S7A I have enjoyed it so far and looking forward to how the story evolves and what happens

    03/30/2023 12:35
  • Iris Valles

    #6s7a# Such a good read highly recommend this book to anyone who likes books with a strong female lead and with a good redemption story line

    03/30/2023 12:30