Rejected My Alpha Mate

Rejected My Alpha Mate

Caroline Above Story

249.9k Words / Completed


"Who are you?" I came awake with a jerk, disoriented and aching all over.
A heavy male body lay beside me---we were both naked except for the sheet covering our bodies.
Embarrassment stained my skin bright red. I searched my memories of the night before, trying to figure out how I had gotten here while attempting to wrap the sheet around my body. I stopped when I realized I'd leave my bed partner totally nude.
My skin felt too hot and too tight as I tried to work out how to get myself out of the situation.
I wasn't used to being around naked men even if I was a werewolf. We cared about propriety no matter what humans thought!
I remembered myself saying over and over, "I'm your mate!"
I eased myself off the bed to look for clothes. I tried to be as quiet as I could so I didn't wake up the stranger.
I didn't take the sheet to spare his decency, instead sacrificing my own modesty: I'd rather be caught naked than have to face a naked man I'd evidently seduced with all the subtlety of a bitch in heat!
His scent was all over me, all over everything really. Rich and masculine, every time I breathed I felt as if I was being surrounded by the forest with hints of wood and a warm spice I couldn't name. I wanted to crawl back into bed beside him and never leave.
My wolf, Rayne, grumbled in my head, "We shouldn't leave! He is our mate!"

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  • Reader-119753

    good book shame chapters are so short 🤷‍♂️

    07/30/2023 17:08
  • Awurabena Afriyie Asare

    JUNE I just love how the lady sacrificed her modesty to protect that of the man It shows that women can be very kind in dire situations like this. The introduction of the book kind of suggests that the guy may be human that was why he couldn't sense the mate bond. But since the lady was able to sense it , it is left with her for him to realize the bond that exists between them so that it may work aa the goddess herself proclaimed.

    06/27/2023 08:55
  • Debra Sykes

    JUNE I have read some of this book already and I like it. I just can't believe a father would do that to his kid's but Hay only a story. I also agree that intro has no real info by just putting an insert but the story is good.

    06/27/2023 06:29
  • Kobie Stroebel

    JUNE good start

    06/27/2023 05:24
  • Doobies

    JUNE - I agree with several other reviewers that only using an excerpt from the story as the intro and not including any kind of synopsis/summary makes it difficult for the reader/audience to determine what this book is about and if one is interested enough in it to invest in reading further.

    06/27/2023 04:45
  • icuovrthere

    JUNE it's hard to know if I want to invest in this book when the author has included an excerpt, instead of a synopsis. I know sometimes it can be recommended to the writer by an editor, etc, but where's the intrigue? where's the other point of view?

    06/27/2023 04:21
  • Lori Holden

    June. the into wasn't really an intro, still don't know what the book is about. why would she call her dad? why would she reject her mate after her wold told her he was her mate?

    06/27/2023 03:57
  • Ana

    JUNE I don't understand why there is no actual information about the book in the introduction that's where you are supposed to gain people's interest and tease them into wanting to read more of the book and this doesn't do that for me

    06/27/2023 03:45
  • Leré Saunderson

    JUNE I do not understand why she rejected him even after Raine, her wolf, told her that he is in fact their mate. From other books in the werewolf genre, its clear that there is a huge trust relationship between the human and wolf in the partnership. Why is she not trusting her wolf? Odd.

    06/27/2023 03:25
  • Kirsten Tooker

    JUNE The introduction wasn’t really a introduction since it didn’t have a blurb about what the story is actually about. After reading the first couple chapters I was left confused over what was happening. I won’t be adding it to my library.

    06/27/2023 03:06