A Mafia's Obsession

A Mafia's Obsession


70.2k Words / Completed


I felt his lips brush against my earlobe, a soft brush that suddenly made my toes curl. His breath lingered on my neck before he finally whispered, "I own you Crystal. The sooner you get to accept that the better for you. I'll make sure you submit yourself to me, be it the hard way or the easy way. And I'll break this ego of yours. I promise you"
He was her beast and she was his beauty. He was addicted and she was his favourite drug. He was a sinner and she was his sin.
In the blink of an eye, Crystal sees her entire life crumble with the death of her parents and she is forced to take a job that she would never have thought off to make ends meet for her and her sister and pay of her gambling father's debt to a crime boss-- being a stripper.
Just a glance on the doe-eyed milk skin beauty swinging her hips seductively on the pole and Leonardo already knew he had to have her as his. He had to claim her for himself. But he was everything she hated. She despised him and loathed his existence for the pain and anguish he had caused her and her sister.
She swore never to succumb to him but what she didn't know was that he was also determined to show her that he would earn a place in her heart and life.

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  • Elin Kähäri

    please, she Cant be this stupid, she solde herself and now she is kissing some one and putting his life and her sisters in danger, now she is starting to piss me off

    07/02/2023 01:39
  • Elin Kähäri

    i dont know what she was thinking,but i dont think she Will do this agen!

    06/24/2023 10:39
  • Aaira

    f6g7 the story looks interesting I have read a few chapters I think I will be continuing to read more and know more about the story

    04/27/2023 06:17
  • Martial Flor

    f6g7 the text surely needs some editing and proofreading but it's not bad! I'm really enjoying the story so far, the tension and all the build up for the dynamic between Crystal and Leonardo.

    04/26/2023 23:15
  • Caitlin Sullivan

    f6g7.... this story appears to have real potential. I hope their characters develop and that he treats her right

    04/26/2023 22:09
  • Cansu Harris

    f6g7 this story about mafia is very different she is stuck with a loan that her father has with the mafia.

    04/26/2023 18:07
  • John Robinson

    f6g7 As English is not the author's first language I think it is a really good attempt and will be adding to my library to read more. I like Crystal and I think Golden is like the mother hen looking after Crystal. Liking the story so far.

    04/26/2023 10:10
  • Reader-778832

    f6g7. so she hates the mafia but then gets a job with them? Really?plot is too ridiculous to even bother

    04/26/2023 08:47
  • Joele G

    f6g7 the storyline got me hooked; off to a great start so far; like to see where it takes you

    04/26/2023 07:04
  • Irma Beck

    f6g7 the story line so far is really good I would suggest that editing is done on the on the grammar errors. definitely adding to my library

    04/26/2023 06:24