7 Nights with Mr. Black

7 Nights with Mr. Black


129.9k Words / Completed


WARNING: This book contains explicit detailed sex scenes... around 10-12 chapters. Not suitable for young readers!**
"What are you doing?" Dakota clutches on to my wrists before they even touch his body.
"Touching you." A whisper spills out of my lips and I witness his eyes narrowing down on me as if I insulted him.
"Emara. You are not touching me. Today or ever."
Strong fingers grab my hands and place them firmly above my head.
"I am not here to make love to you. We are just going to fuck."
Warning: Adult book 🔞
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Dakota Black was a man cloaked with charisma and power.
But I made him a monster.
Three years ago, I sent him to jail. Accidentally.
And now he is back to get his revenge from me.
"Seven nights." He said. "I spent seven nights in that rotten jail. I give you seven nights to live with me. Sleep with me. And I'll free you from your sins."
He promised to destroy my life for the sake of a good view if I didn't follow his commands.
His personal whore, that's what he called me.

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  • Ammie Kinyon

    Dear ALMOST PSYCHO-- Still waiting for WHAT'S NEXT... SOME KIND OF ENDING OR CLOSURE WORTHY OF THIS MASTERPIECE! It was so REAL and GRUELING to get through the BRUTAL PARTS... NOW we're waiting to see WHAT MAGNIFICENT CHANGE MIGHT HAPPEN TO DAKOTA! What his reaction will be to waking up with Emara in his arms... If he was able to sleep PEACEFULLY while holding her... And after BRUTALLY BREAKING HER, can he now CHERISH HER FOR THE TREASURE SHE IS?! What caused his psychosis in the first place???

    08/31/2023 07:05
  • Jennifer Beyer

    #50%offreads. I am waiting to see what happens. I want her to survive and be strong. I want the truth to be reviled!

    08/31/2023 00:15
  • Ammie Kinyon

    It's been a few weeks since the last CLIFFHANGER UPDATE... and this story is STILL HAUNTING ME... wondering what Dakota's reaction will be when he wakes up with Emara in his arms???

    08/09/2023 03:03
  • Sasja Haaland Gaardbo

    #bingeread I love this book! It's really tough on your own demons, and I deffinelty re-think a lot of things from my past.. I just can't decide for myself if I want Dakota to go to hell, or if I want the two of them to actually end up together.. But after his latest action I'm feeling option number A more 🙈 we'll have to wait and see what this talented author comes up with 🙈

    07/21/2023 14:07
  • Ammie Kinyon


    07/18/2023 05:04
  • Ammie Kinyon

    SOUL-SEARING, GUT-WRENCHING, HEART- BREAKING...Emara's spirit broken! Dakota the DEVIL has returned home... after his BIG MEDIA BLITZ SUCCESS CELEBRATION...totally DRUNK OFF HIS ASS... Now WHAT? Does Emara sneak in his unlatched bedroom door? Try to escape while he's passed out? WHAT is she gonna do...after all the ABUSE AND TORMENT he's put her through???

    07/18/2023 04:59
  • Riley02

    I think you should add in the tags section of this book: rape, repetitive-rape. the story can be very triggering for some of us.

    07/11/2023 21:15
  • Kyla Ren

    Dakota-AS this is one of my favourite books ever. I read all available chapters in 24h and since then I keep waiting for updates. unfortunately the updates are not very often

    07/01/2023 17:47
  • Reader-mags

    Dakota-AS this is different to what i usually read but i think i am gping to like this. I like how it is writen and how it draws me in. looking foreard to seeing how this story developes

    07/01/2023 11:34
  • Martial Flor

    Dakota-AS Okay, this idea is new! I didn't see it coming at all from the title. So definitely a point for this. So far I find it quite well written (this author has a really good style) and definitely the roller coaster! Loving the tension between them

    07/01/2023 11:13