Rejected with the Alpha’s Baby

Rejected with the Alpha’s Baby

Agatha Godwin

32.8k Words / Ongoing


Ruth: Dominic, please, will you accept me for who I am?
Dominic: Ruth, your abilities are too unusual for me to handle. I can't accept them.
Ruth: But I love you. I thought you'd see past my differences.
Dominic : I do care about you, but I can't change how I feel about your abilities.
Ruth: I understand, Damon. I hope you find the happiness you're looking for.
Ruth hails from a lineage of unique abilities. Despite the extraordinary talents that run in their family, Ruth finds herself isolated from the rest of the world. Her abilities are a source of alienation, and even though she possesses a close-knit family that accepts her, others remain reluctant to do the same.
She just turned 16 and it's time to find her mate, but will they accept her or will they leave like everyone else?

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